Creating sustainable solutions
one cell at a time

We – Krauts & Sprouts – specialize in cyanobacteria as the production host for our hydrogel. As photosynthetic microorganisms, they capture large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. In fact, 100% of their cellular carbon comes from atmospheric CO2. On top of that, our biological hydrogel provides additional nutrients to the plants and soil. Our production strains are grown in improved foil reactors inside normal greenhouses. In addition, only sunlight, CO2, water, and some trace metals are needed for their growth at low temperatures (20-30°C).

The problem we are solving

In the EU, the number of regulations to restrict the use of peat in substrates is increasing. However, until today there is no satisfying replacement for peat and most replacements lack proper water retention properties.

Our product

With our microbial Re:Think hydrogel, we increase the water retention capacity of those peat replacements and provide a solution for substrate producers to reduce the peat content in their products.

The addition of the Re:Think hydrogel improves the water retention capacity of peat replacements substantially. With further develoment we are convinced that we reach comparable values to standard peat substrates once the product is in its final stage. This will help substrate producers to reduce the amount of peat in their substrates while providing the same quality to their customers.

We are working on the future of peat replacements and also on this website.
See you in the future!